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In light of the current situation with the coronavirus outbreak, I am temporarily offering remote appointments. These would take place preferably via Zoom or Skype, although FaceTime and phone are also possible. Please feel free to contact me for further information.

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Work is often integrated with our well-being​.

I support organisations in developing employee well-being initiatives, workshop facilitation, conflict resolution and any services or agendas which you may wish to develop around mental health and well-being.


I also provide organisational strategy, structure and project planning services. My work is about facilitating the continual development of people and organisations.


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I want to help you enjoy your sport

Working hard in training, technique and practice is vital, which others can help you with. I focus on well-being and mentality, helping your performance and life to flow.

I also work with sports teams, coaches and managers, utilising a range of practices to understand how the systemic structure of their team operates and how it can be optimised.