Hello and thanks for coming to the Zence Psychology website.  

I feel I want a blog page for the website, but I'm not entirely sure what I want it to contain.  I see so many websites with blog posts which, after one or two initial entries, have not been updated for a while.  It almost makes me feel a little sad, so many unwritten words left wandering the universe.  I was hesitant of starting a blog in case this same fate occurred for me, starting with exuberance in May, yet failing to register another entry further on.  However, I met a lovely person when I was out having a cup of coffee recently and they set me straight, highlighting that it is in my hands to prevent this from happening.  So I committed to maintaining a blog; I then had to decide upon the contents.

I am currently writing a book which is a philosophical and psychological commentary on topics I find interesting life, questioning and reflecting on topics which are at the root of what it means to be human.  I wondered if I could release aspects of this book through the blog.  But then I had another idea.  I feel at this point, the book belongs with the book.  However, every time I step out the door, every time I walk the streets, I'm filled with amazement and enjoyment of life.  I love learning about human nature.  It is innate within me, I think that's probably why I became a psychologist.  Despite what people sometimes ask me, psychologists (as far as I am aware) cannot read minds.  Being a psychologist is not about trying to manipulate or out think people, for me it is about connecting with people on a deep level, with a wish to develop understanding together.  And so, I decided that I will use this space as a reflective area.  Whenever something comes up for me, internally or externally, I will make an attempt to share this with you, the reader, in hope that my experiences and reflections may be something of interest to you.  We all live different lives, with different choices and views.  My words are certainly not going to be focused on what people should or shouldn't do.  They will be focused on observations and experiences which occur in my everyday existence.  I merely wish to provide my reflections on paper (well, on screen) so that as humans, we can spend time together, undertaking a process of learning about ourselves.

I have no anticipated timescale for the blog entries, I suppose the intensity of an experience and reflection will determine when a new entry occurs.  If you have any topics that you would like me to discuss, please feel free to email me david.goss@zencepsychology.com