What is life? A 21st century perspective - The Book

I mentioned in my introductory blog post that I have an interest in promoting philosophy further within society.  Though I had enjoyed writing the couple of blog posts that I have so far presented, something didn’t quite feel right.  I pondered, “what is it that I want these to be?”.  I reflected back on the book I recently completed and the sole aim of that book was to write about the questions and aspects of life which I think may relate or be of interest to us all, in hope that anybody can take that information to process their own views and questions of life, either within their own writing and reflections, or through discussion with friends, family and well, anybody.

Though I initially considered interviewing people about questions of life and presenting this through a podcast, I realised that this didn’t quite feel like the right process, for a variety of reasons.

As such, after further reflection, I have decided that I will release my book in a phased blog format, through this webpage.  

Each blog post will present a new part of the book, the topic of which will be outlined in the contents page.

The book is entitled

“What is life? A 21st century perspective”

I shall say no more on the book as I will swiftly release the opening introduction chapter following publication of this blog post.  In the opening chapter, I explain exactly what the book is, what it’s about and what it will contain.

I hope you enjoy reading it