As a counselling psychologist, I have trained in a number of psychological counselling and psychotherapy models.  I primarily work out of person centred, cognitive behavioural (CBT) and psychodynamic models of therapy, as well as providing trauma focused and mindfulness based interventions.  I aim to tailor each course of therapy to you, the client.



Personal reflection
Depression and Low mood
Anxiety and Panic attacks
Anger management
Relationship difficulties
Bereavement and loss
Neurological conditions and Brain injury

Domestic and Sexual abuse
Trauma (including PTSD)
Students and Trainees
Performance and Public speaking
Career and life planning
Occupational health (including EAP)
And many others...


One-to-one     Couples     Family     Group 


Rather than explain each individual therapy and area here, I would be happy to provide a free 30 minute consultation whereby we can discuss your current situation and I can provide more details on how we could work together.  The above areas are only indicative; if your requirement differs from any of these items, I will be more than happy to have a discussion about how we may work together.

Free consultation


I offer supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists, counselling psychologists and clinical psychologists, including trainees.  I believe it's important to work on both content and process.  I aim to provide space for you to reflect on your direct work with clients, as well as the internal processes which can form a natural part of working in the profession.  

Free consultation


As a Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) accredited and British Psychological Society (BPS) chartered counselling psychologist, I provide psychological assessments and reports for medico-legal requirements. 

Contact to find out more


One-to-one/Couples/Family therapy - I offer a range of fees, tailored to your circumstance and situation.  Please contact to find out more.

Supervision - £60 per hour or £75 for 90 minutes (sliding scale for trainees)

Medico-legal - Fee proposed upon request